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Our Story

Better for you Sports Nutrition….


A chance meeting between British Master chef Gary Barnshaw and Double Olympic Gold Medallist Daley Thompson has almost been the best-kept secret!


Meeting on a Charity cycle ride across the Masai Mara in Kenya 2016 both Gary and Daley were horrified with the amount of sugars and non essential ingredients contained in a number of Sports nutritional products that had been provided as part of the event, Gary was incensed that most of the drinks for example were made up using Water as their number one ingredient and the bars contained more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut!,


A certified Master Chef of Great Britain, Gary is no stranger to creating new products within the food and drink world having held Senior Culinary positions within HJ Heinz and McCormick, the worlds largest Spice company.


Daley Joked “Not in my day!” referring to the fact that during his informative years which resulted in two Olympic Gold Medals for the Decathlon and no less than 4 World Records, that there really wasn’t any formalised nutritional supplements that were available, the key to success for Daley was to train 350 days a year and twice on Christmas day!


Daley set the challenge and within six months Gary had created a range of “Clean label” Protein Bars and Shakes that were not only better for you in terms of no added sugar, but were enhanced with Vitamins and a much higher Protein content, The view was to strip out any non essential ingredients and to supplement them with the things that matter…


All our products are manufactured in state of the art production facilities, which are BRC (A) grade certified, they can also be used as part of a calorie controlled diet.

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