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What’s different about DT10 bars?

We like to think our bars are nutritionally better for you because unlike most brands our products do not contain added sugar, sucralose or palm fat; they contain some of the highest protein content around as well as added vitamins. All our products taste great too!

What’s Daley Thompson got to do with it?

A chance meeting with Double Olympic Champion Daley in Kenya whilst on a charity bike ride led to him teaming up with us to create a range of ‘clean label’ sports nutrition products. Daley says that when he was competing in the early 80’s these type of products did not exist and he was horrified to discover how much sugar and non-essential ingredients were in many of today’s products. He discovered that generally what’s available now contains too high levels of sugar, palm fat, preservatives and non-essential additives….and some are made with cheaper ingredients, i.e. shakes diluted with water! So Daley was keen to develop a better for you range of products.

Are DT10 products suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians?

Yes they are suitable for Vegetarians.

Do DT10 bars contain nuts?

None of our products contain nuts. Our shakes are made in the UK in a globally recognized BRC approved nut free factory; whilst our bars do not actually contain nuts they are made in a manufacturing environment that does handle nuts.

What source of protein is used in the DT10 bars?

IiIt’s whey protein from milk

How many calories in the DT10 range of product?

In short not many! Each bars about 220 calories – so perfect as a healthier on-the-go snack as well as post exercise recovery boost.

Do any products in the range contain Palm Fat or Palm Oil?

Absolutely no! This is one of the things that makes our products different; we just don’t think it’s helpful for the environment.

I’m watching my weight, so can I eat DT10 products as part of a calorie controlled diet?

Yes, due to their low calories they can be consumed as a meal replacement and/or part of a calorie controlled diet; it also means because they are quite high in protein which takes the body a bit longer to break down it means you are kept a bit fuller for longer.

Do you add sugar to any of your products?

No, we use a natural sugar alternative called Stevia which is very commonly used in many supermarket products. I’s natural, it doesn’t have the calories of sugar and it’s not made in a chemical process like sucralose.

What Vitamins  do you add?

You’ll find them all listed clearly on the back of our products packaging. In our Bars is B1, B2 , B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E.

 Where are your products made?

All our DT10 Sports products are created by our very own British Master Chef and made in world class BRC approved manufacturers – our bars are made in the EU with no palm fat and no sucralose.

How many DT10 bars can I eat every day?

We suggest enjoy sensibly as part of a healthy active lifestyle; for example Daley has a bar at breakfast or as a mid. morning snack to help keep him you fueled during the morning and then early evening.

What methods of payment can I use? 

We accept paypal and all major credit cards.

How do I cancel and return my order if I change my mind?

So long as you contact us by email within 14 days of when you placed your order and the DT10 products have not been opened and they are in their original packaging then you can return them at your cost. Return delivery costs will only be refunded if DT10 products were delivered to you in error or they are faulty. Any sum debited to us will then be refunded to you as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days.

What if I am not completely satisfied?

Faulty DT10 products do not include incorrect pack sizes or personal opinions.  We are only able to offer a refund for goods delivered to you in error or if they are faulty.

Is my personal information I provide safe & secure?

Yes it is, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What quality testing do you do on all DT0 products?

In addition to the Informed Sports quality testing programme that tests every production batch and regularly tests throughout the year products on shelf in shops, all our products are made in globally recognised world class BRC approved manufacturers. They have stringent Quality Control & Testing procedures in place that must be passed before any products are released for sale.

Do you ship DT10 products abroad?

Please contact directly for all International delivery enquiries.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Please allow 2 to 3 working days. You can track progress of your order through My Hermes  or Royal Mail.

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