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DT10 Sports Blog – Gina Burton taste test

Thank you to @dt10sports for gifting me this at @bodypowerexpo this year

A double whammy review for you to feast your eyes upon today! @dt10sportsHigh Protein chocolate shake & Chocolate and Caramel High protein bar.

Taste: 5⭐️

Bar: From the off you get a caramel @grenadeofficialcarb killa flavour but once you let the bar settle on the taste buds it turns into something completely different. The caramel is gooey, sweet and syrupy! The chocolate coating mimics that of @cadburywithout the sugar! Very creamy, milky and a strong dairy taste. The milk chocolate enrobes an inner core of whey rice crisps with a lightly whipped chocolate protein infused nougat. tantalisingly delicious, a true chocolate lovers experience without the sugar or palm fat. The chocolate is buttery and caramelised and takes you into a perfect place where everything comes right with the world!

Protein Shake: Has more of a cocoa flavour to it and taste likes a chocolate milkshake rather than a protein shake. Made with skimmed milk, it isn’t too heavy on the dairy flavour and has a basic sweetness without the stale protein aftertaste. Slightly earthy from the low fat cocoa powder but very close to the flavour of @nestlecerealsuknesquik!

Texture: 5🌟

Bar: The nougat base is softly firm and has a chewy cohesion. The crispies add a really nice crunch and crackle to each bite. The caramel is thick and dense in body, flowing like a stream through the bar eager to splurge out! Slightly thicker than a carb killa with more density and a more full-bodied texture. Gooey and sticky caramel mixes very well with the soft creamy mouthfeel you get from the chocolate coating. MELT ALERT!!! wowza!! The cross section of the bar tries its best to hold down the fort but the caramel became too strong.The caramel glistened in the light and moistened the bar to perfection.The chocolate glazed over and the texture doubled in thickness.

Protein Shake: Actually taste like a milkshake and has the texture of it too! Slightly thinner in body than others i’ve tasted but probably because of not including casein or semi-skimmed milk.No nasty lumps or gristly bits just smooth and easy on the stomach.

Melt 👉 continued 👇1w

gina____burton Conclusion: both these products are unbelievably good. I’m not one who usually has protein shakes outside of training but this drink especially is brilliant for post workout with the fast acting carbs to feed the gains the whopping 30g of protein it brings with it. The bar is so much better than a carb Killa, sweeter and more glorious in taste. All the flavour for non of the sugar. The bars also come in mint chocolate & cookies and creme. And the shake also comes in strawberry & vanilla.

What you get: Bar - a 60g bar. Light whey rice crisps with melting caramel enrobed in delicious milk chocolate. also available in Cookies & creme, mint chocolate.

Shake - a 330ml carton. Milk based chocolate whey protein drink with natural flavouring, sweetener, added vitamins & minerals. also available in Strawberry & Vanilla.

What it contains:

bar - milk protein, milk chocolate with sweetener, caramel flavoured layer, soy oil, skimmed milk powder, xylitol, emulsifier, water, cocoa butter, soy oil, low fat cocoa, milk caramel, Vitamins (C, E, B2, B6, B1,folic acid, B12)

Per Bar


8.7g F

16.6g C (2.2gS 6.2gF)

21.3g P

Shake - Skimmed MILK, 90%, MILK Protein Concentrate (MILK), 6.6%, Low Fat Cocoa Powder, 1.3%, Acidity Regulator: Di Potassium Phosphate, Flavourings, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins & Minerals (A, B1, B9, B12, C, D3 & Magnesium), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Stabiliser (Gellan Gum), Salt, Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides)

Per Shake


2.7g F

16.6g C (16.2gS)

30.2g P

Huge thanks to @gina___burton Burtons Bites for a great review!

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