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No Palm fat.

Now its 2019 and we start to think about changing our habits for the new year, its been all go at team Daley! having successfully launched our Sports Protein bars, we are delighted that our boys and girls within the Military can now buy our range within their onsite shops.

Our Sports Informed certification allows them to make the right choice in terms of sports nutrition without falling foul of random drug testing which is paramount in keeping our service people clean, which is no difference for Elite athletes and those engaged in competitive sports.

Palm Fat continues to dominate the social and eco headlines, and we decided not to use this ingredient within any of our products, There are several ethical issues regarding palm oil production’s effects on the environment, wildlife and communities.

In the past decades, increasing demand has led to an unprecedented expansion of palm oil production in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, These countries have humid, tropical climates that are ideally suited for growing oil palm trees. However, in order to accommodate oil palm plantations, tropical forests and peatland are being destroyed. A recent analysis found that 45% of land in Southeast Asia currently used for palm oil production had been forest back in 1990, including more than half of all palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia Deforestation is anticipated to have devastating effects on global warming, as the forests play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gasses by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, In addition, the destruction of native landscapes causes changes in the ecosystem that threaten the health and diversity of wildlife. Especially concerning is the impact on endangered species such as Bornean orangutans, which are facing extinction due to habitat loss. There have also been reports of human rights violations by palm oil corporations, such as clearing farmlands and forests without permission, paying low wages, providing unsafe working conditions and significantly reducing the quality of life.

We are looking to partner with the Orangutan Foundation

Gary Barnshaw MCGB

Co Founder DT10 Sports

Gary is a Certified Masterchef of Great Britain

Master Craftsman of the Guild of Chefs

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